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Commercial Photography

What does your social media presence look like?

According to 73% of travelers polled mentioned “they check the company’s social media feed before booking.

In fact, 33 percent would be put off booking altogether if a hotel had no social media presence.”

In a world fueled by visuals, what does your content say? Great content persuades potential guests to choose your property out of the abundance of other options.  We strive to be the best hotel photographer to help you dominate location tags, create meaningful connections, increase website conversion rates, and do what you do best.

Short-form Content

According to ‍74% of customers prefer to watch a short-form video about a product or service. Statistics show the significance of short-form videos, and it’s worth taking them seriously.

If we look at Airlines for example, they are not marketing you on selling the flight but rather they are marketing that dream destination you’ve always wanted to go on. Which is why it is essential in this fast-paced generation to consider this format as a marketing tool.

These videos are concise and to the point, allowing consumers to gather information quickly. Additionally, their entertainment value is another reason why customers enjoy them, making them a potent means of engaging with your target audience.

Lincoln City, OR
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