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Sony Alpha Female- Passion Project

Work Completed

  • Timelapse Photography

  • Location Scouting

  • Post-Production Editing

The Mission

This film was created for a Sony Alpha Female competition called Mother Earth. I wanted to showcase the breathtaking views of landscapes from different seasons that mother earth has to offer through a timelaspe visual. This creates a unique perspective for viewers to see the movement of time passing in nature to allow the views to engulf themselves in nature.

Redfish Lake

The Outcome

After months of dedication and hard work, we unveiled a breathtaking short-form video that captured the heart and soul of Mother Earth. From the crystal blue lakes and jaggered mountain peaks to the serene embrace of winter's snowfall, our timelapse masterpiece painted a vivid tapestry of nature's wonders. The seamless blend of visuals and music captured the essence of our planet.

But the journey didn't end there. This passion project submission sparked inspiration among fellow female artists which encouraged them to enter into future competitions.

The Impact

Our project didn't just capture imaginations—it sparked a movement. By showcasing the power and creativity of female photographers, we helped Sony Alpha Female attract a wave of new talent to its community. Through shared experiences and shared passions, we forged bonds that strengthened the fabric of the photography industry.

In the end, our journey with Sony Alpha Female was more than just a project—it was a testament to the boundless potential of collaboration and creativity. Together, we proved that when women come together, anything is possible. And as we continue to explore the wonders of our world, one frame at a time, we know that the journey is just beginning.

Stanley Idaho

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The Process

Katerine BTS

The first step is taking the photos. These timelapses were taken over a couple of years, with thousands of photos captured.

Katerine BTS
Idaho Sunset
Katerine BTS

The next step is to bring all the raw images into LRTimelapse (editing software, specifically for Timelapse/ Hyperlapse). After adding keyframes, the photos are dragged into Lightroom and that’s where the magic happens. We make all the edits in Lightroom before syncing the settings back into LRTimelapse to be exported.

Editing Process 2

LRTimelapse Software

Editing Process 1

Adobe Lightroom

Editing Process 3

The final step is putting the image sequel into a video editing software (I use Davinci Resolve) to make final adjustments before exporting it into a video format 

Winning Video

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