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Real Estate Services

Whether you’re and Airbnb, Real Estate Agent or a Boutique Hotel, we create beautiful picturesque scenes to help showcase your space.

  • Real Estate Photography/ Videography

  • Business Offices Photography/ Videography

  • Airbnb Photography/ Videography

  • Drone Photography/ Videography

Commercial Services

  • Architectural photography

  • Rooms/ Suits

  • Lifestyle Photography

  • Landscape photography

  • Drone photography

  • Timelapse/ Hyperlapse photography

  • Food and Dining photography

  • Product Photography

  • Spa/ Wellness photography

  • Underwater photography

Timelapse/ Hyperlapse

A timelapse is a selection of still photos (minimum of 450 photos) captured over a certain period of time which is then edited and put into a short video sequence.

This technique helps the viewers see the passing of time that you wouldn’t usually see with the naked eye. Whether it’s a beautiful sunset on the beach or traffic/people passing through a busy cityscape.

This style of photography creates a unique perspective which can help you stand out from the crowd.

It helps your customers envision themselves being “on that beach” watching the sunset.

  • Timelapse photography

  • Hyperlapse photography

  • Timeslice photography

  • Ariel Timelapse/ Hyperlapse photography

Headshots/ Portraits

Helping businesses create professional headshots of the team for their website while also taking on personal creative portrait projects 

  • Business Headshots

  • Creative portraits

  • Lifestyle photography

Self Portrait- Autumn

Hey there, I'm Katerine Giannikos, a Professional Photographer and Videographer originally from South Africa and currently calling Boise, Idaho, my creative base.

My journey into photography began after delving into the hospitality industry for 3 years in South Africa. While mastering the fine art of fine dining and hospitality, my heart veered towards the realm of creative visuals, leading me to focus my energy on photography.

Before settling in Boise, I experienced the fast-paced lifestyle of New York City. With the bustling streets and the symphony of millions of people, I learned resilience and adaptability qualities to thrive in that vibrant metropolis.

As I delved deeper into refining my skills, my journey expanded into videography, and eventually, drone photography. This led me to obtaining my FAA Drone Certification which took my career opportunities to the next level.

Along my photography journey, I came across the art of Timelapse and Hyperlapse Photography. A unique technique to capture moments of time that you wouldn’t be able to see with the naked eye. Whether it’s a beautiful sunset, movement of city traffic or even watching the night sky passing into a new day.

For me, photography and videography are an ever-evolving craft—a journey of perpetual learning and growth. I'm driven by the desire to leverage these skills to empower businesses, aiding them in optimizing their social media and website platforms, fostering organic growth and engagement.

Self Portrait- Silhoutette
Behind the scene- Self Portrait
Behind the scene- Self Portrait
Self Portrait- Silhoutette
About me

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